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All Supported Tags
[p]Paragraph Tag[/p]
[b]Bold Text Tag[/p]
[i]Italicized Tag[/i]
[u]Underlined Text Tag[/u]
[s]Strikethrough Text Tag[/s]
[o]Overlined Text Tag[/o]
[hr] - Horizonal Rule Tag
[hr type=classname] - Horizonal Rule Tag with custom class
[ul]Unordered List[/ul]
[ol]Ordered List[/ol]
[li]List Item Tag - Place inside ordered or unordered list tags[/li]
[code=language]Code Block Tag[/code] - Code block is tied in with GeSHi; the syntax highlighter for PHP. GeSHi is required to use KParser because of this
[youtube url=YOUTUBE_VIDEO_URL] - Uses full or share link for YouTube videos
[size=SIZE]Sized text based on SIZE[/size]
[color=COLOR]Colored text based on COLOR. Can be real value or HEX (red OR #ff0000)[/color]
[center]Centered Text[/center]
[quote]Quoted text with no source cited[/quote]
[quote=Quoted Dude]Quoted text with source cited[/quote]
[url]Unnamed URL[/url]
[url=]Named URL[/url]
[url= newtab]Named URL that opens in a new tab[/url]
[img src=] Image
[img src= class=img-class] Image with class
[img src= size=150] Sized image defining width
[img src= size=150x100] Sized image defining width and height
[video src=] HTML5 video
[video src= controls] HTML5 video with controls
[video src= size=500x400] HTML5 video with width and height
[video src= size=500] HTML5 video with global size
[video src= controls size=500] HTML5 video with global size and controls
[hNUMBER]Heading. 1-6 for NUMBER[/hNUMBER]
[space]A single space
[spaceNUMBER]A NUMBER of spaces
[tab]A single tab
[tabNUMBER]A NUMBER of tabs
[cmd]Command line command[/cmd] - Shows a command block using <pre> and <code>
[noparse]Place KScript code in here[/noparse] - Prevents KScript from being parsed inside this block
[cmt=COMMENT]Write a comment in your code to yourself ;)
[terminal user=root][command]A command[/command][response]Response to a command[/response][/terminal]
        If you wish to display a terminal window with cool styling, use this one. :)
        An option theme attribute is also there, if you wish to select a theme for the widget. Ex: theme=solarized

All Tags in Action


Terminal Output:
Terminal: ~
[ ~]: #
ls -l
[ ~]: #
[ ~]: #
which sh

Supported themes:

  1. Default ^ The one you see here
  2. KParser
  3. Solarized
  4. Solarized Dark
  5. Coffee
  6. Monokai
  7. Predawn
  8. Bluebird
You can view the different themes supported by the Terminal widget by using the KParser Terminal Style Tester Tool []

Heading 1

Heading 6

My Paragraph

Bold Text
Italic Text
Class Image:
Sized Image w/both | 450x90:
Sized Image w/ single | 450:
Underlined Text
Strike Through Text
Overlined Text
Horizontal Rule:
Horizontal Rule With Style:
Unordered List: Ordered List:

  1. List Item 1
  2. List Item 2
  3. List Item 3
20px Sized Text
Red Text
Green Text
Centered Text

Quote from unknown source. So citation left out
A quote from a known source. Source cited in code
Quoted: Wikipedia
My Website [] - Link with URL
Google [] - Link with URL that opens in a new tab - Unnamed URL
Word 1 space    4 spaces
Word    Single tab                4 tabs
$ nano /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

You can't see it :). It looks like: [cmt=This is a comment]

No Parse:
[code=php]this is a code block[/code][nl]-newline[p]paragraph[/p]

Code Language: C++
  1. #include <iostream>
  3. using namespace std;
  5. int main()
  6. {
  7. cout << "Hello World!";
  8. cin.get();
  10. return 0;
  11. }
Youtube Video:
HTML5 Video:

HTML5 Video with controls:

HTML5 Video with width & height size:

HTML5 Video with global size:


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